Smart Cities?
Savings - Security - Liveability - Services
Saving energy, respecting the environment, reducing operating costs, and increasing the efficiency and quality of services are the main goals to which all of today’s cities should aspire.

DigitalLightingTM provides services and devices to make the city intelligent, our customers are Public Administrations, Energy Service Companies (ESCO) residential areas, shopping centres and large spaces in general.
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DigitalLightingTM provides services to make the city intelligent.
So much more than you expect is now available in a multi-sensoryPP world.
DigitalLightingTM is a new “enabling”, highperformance technology, that makes it possible:

  • to ensure the safety of citizens
  • have an attractive and lively image
  • create a flexible and efficient city

All in a single integrated solution!
With a simple and elegant object, primarily in the form of street lighting, it is possible to achieve:

  • smart lighting control
  • video surveillance and traffic analysis
  • internet Wi-Fi HotSpot coverage
  • variable message signs
  • electric car and bicycle recharging
  • control of free parking areas
  • waste management
  • tracking of objects and people
  • bikesharing management


The DigitalLightingTM integrated modules make a variety of applications possible, saving energy, ensuring safety and liveability on the roads.

    • Very large mesh network
    • Broadband (300Mbit/s)
    • WIFI 802.11s standard
    • High reliability (4 levels of security)
    • High capacity (multi-gateway)
    • High Scalability (unlimited nodes)


    • Any kind of street lamp
    • Serial Driver, analog out, digital out (on-off)
    • Multiple calendars (one per output)
    • Infinite groupings and configurations
    • Optimized by camera, radar and crepuscular sensors
    • Energy and functioning monitoring


    • Real time video surveillance
    • Monitoring dangerous situations (rivers level and fires presence)
    • High points concentration
    • Traffic analysis (intensity / presence)
    • Lighting optimization(savings)
    • High resolution camera (5Mpx)


    • Distributed town coverage
    • Authentication features configurable
    • Communicating with "smart" objects
    • Public transport communication support
    • Lighting optimization (savings)

    hot spot

    • Motion and speed sensor
    • Recognizes distance and direction
    • Lighting optimization (savings)
    • Used with fog and darkness


    • Lighting optimization (savings)
    • Turning on in case of bad weather
    • Improve astronomical calendar


    • Smart devices communication (phone-watch)
    • Children and elderly tracking (presence and reporting)
    • Timetraveling users analysis (traffic information)
    • Optimize lighting by presence analysis (savings)


    • Temperature and humidity sensors (monitoring rain, fog and ice)
    • Pollution monitoring (CO2, CO and PM10)
    • Road status signalling with light message panels

    Environmental sensors

    • Monitoring and managing system entirely CLOUD
    • No software installation needed
    • High reliability and data protection
    • Monthly fee varies depending on activated services

    Cloud computing

    • Monitoring parking spaces (EasyParking)
    • Monitoring garbage containers conditions (SmartPiking)
    • Monitoring enabled meters consumption (FastReading gas, water, etc.)

    Smart metering

    • Electric vehicles recharge menaging
    • Electric bike-sharing service (EBikeSahring)

    Electric vehicles

    • Expandability with custom sensors and controls
    • Independence from power supply type (even with battery)
    • Multiple Internet connection types


DigitalLightingTM allows for the management of any type of lighting, ensuring compatibility with any systems already installed and using the latest LED technology. Light intensity adjustment allows for the maximum in energy savings and reduction in light pollution. Monitoring of consumption and operation time allows you to check that the lighting fixtures are running properly and to provide for and organise their maintenance.


  • All
  • Safety
  • Saving
  • Services

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Intelligent lighting that guarantees savings

Energy saving

dimmed lighting when not in use

The DigitalLightingTM system performs a second-by-second analysis on information of various types from the road and the surrounding area and decides whether energy consumption should be optimised by reducing the light intensity produced by individual street lamps.

Algorithms and sensors analyse the information

DigitalLightingTM, with integrated light sensors, cameras, radar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and weather, reduces light pollution and saves electrical energy. With these technologies the system provides the optimum degree of lighting based on the presence of people, objects or special conditions on the road. The system is programmed on the basis of the astronomical calendar, for each day and individual lamppost, with unlimited lighting profiles and unlimited groupings of logical lighting points (i.e. street lights on intersections, roundabouts, straight roads, etc.). Finally, accounting for the hours of operation and consumption analysis make it possible to optimise maintenance and minimise costs.

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Video surveillance and traffic monitoring


A very useful camera

A new frontier in security and smart savings. Camera surveillance and traffic analysis, simultaneous functions for efficient street lighting regulation. Object recognition, recognition of variation in scenes, special traffic situations can provide important information for optimising energy consumption.

Safety on the roads, an indispensable requirement

DigitalLightingTM ensures greater safety on the roads. In addition to “observing” the state of traffic from above, the builtin cameras can send images in real time to the supervisors, locally store high resolution videos available on request and analyse traffic of cars and people on the move, thus optimising lighting profiles. The use of integrated radar, in addition to or as a substitute, ensures operation of the system even in cases where low visibility can make camera vision less effective.

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Full Wi-Fi coverage


Internet for everyone

Wi-Fi throughout the territory, broadband internet and communication with objects on the road. Analysis of the presence of people in motion with devices connected to the network and optimised street light management.

Free to browse

Because of the way it was designed, wherever there is one of its “nodes”, DigitalLightingTM, can extend the Internet HotSpot Wi-Fi coverage, at very low costs. The technology and integration used are the driving spirit behind a continually developing system. The imagination has free reign to think of new services for the people, making the most of the potential for "intelligent" objects (IOT, the internet of things) increasingly present in the streets

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The “multi-sensory” feature at everyone’s service


Always up to date on what is happening

The DigitalLightingTM system uses various sensors to monitor the state of traffic, weather and road conditions. Information that can be used for various purposes.

Monitoring the traffic situation and more

To implement energy consumption optimisation strategies, the DigitalLightingTM multi-sensoryPP system can make a difference; analysing weather conditions, traffic and pollution, allowing for intervention on critical routes by suggesting possible variations in traffic organisation, for example, by optimising the functioning and timing of traffic lights: cameras provide information on the concentration of people and objects on the scene, radar controls the speed of movement, Bluetooth sensors pick up the travel times and flows on the roads, vibration sensors monitor the presence of heavy vehicles, Wi-Fi checks connections and the movement of people, RFID, ZigBee and “ibeacons” monitor the passage of elderly and children and those who use Apps for Smartphones, Integrated weather sensors measure the temperature, humidity and CO2, CO.

The solution to the problems related to parking


Where find a parking space

The DigitalLightingTM system uses embedded sensors to verify the presence of unoccupied parking spaces and report them through Smartphone and Tablet Apps.

Mobility in urban areas: fundamental for the smooth running of any city

With the continuing increase in the number of cars on the road, the problem of mobility affects not only public space occupied but also the time and kilometres required to find a parking space. The DigitalLightingTM system reduces the search time, and ensures energy savings (fuel), but also the driver’s peace of mind when meeting commitments without wasting energy looking for parking. Providing drivers with accurate information on where to find available parking spaces facilitates the flow of traffic, thanks to software applications (Web Apps) that help locate parking.

The street light becomes an energy distributor


Recharge the vehicle anywhere

The presence of a public lighting network means the providing of services for sustainable mobility, from cars to scooters and bicycles.

Communication and distribution network

There is an increasing presence of electric vehicles thanks to lower operating costs and their innate low-pollution design. The thing that is often missing is a station where they can “fill up” on energy. With the presence of street lamps along the roads, this problem can be handled through a network of recharge points links for vehicles. The DigitalLightingTM system manages user recognition, reports the user consumption, and searches for available parking space using the Web and dedicated Apps.

The service is ideal for locating people and providing assistance


Geolocation and communication with an integrated system

Children and the elderly can be located through the use of wearable objects (smart TAGs) that communicate with parents or with a service. All this improves safety but also lighting management.

Parents and children can feel more confident

DigitalLightingTM is also able to create coverage areas for communication with objects, such as Smartwatches, SmartTAGs, Smartphones and Tablets in order to decrease the distances between people. Children and the elderly can be “Localised’’ and therefore reached in exactly the place where they are located. A signal can travel through the network, and with the available application, reach the people involved. This mechanism can also be used to communicate the presence of people to the lighting network requesting that the local lighting be made brighter.

Ongoing pollution georeferencing


Reducing pollution is not an utopian dream

DigitalLightingTM network can collect information relating to noise, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, PM10 and more. Access to this data makes it possible to direct traffic toward less congested routes.

A network of sensors analyses the air and takes decisions

Through a georeferenced representation, the system can instantly analyse values and trends. The processed data can help those who analyse road network viability to send messages to motorists to divert traffic to less frequented routes. The analysis can be done either on the basis of statistics or time, in other words, changing routes in real time.

Variable automated message signs


Real time information

The data processed by the DigitalLightingTM system can be shown on variable automatic message signs to keep citizens informed, but they can do more.

Any “object” along the way can communicate

Information coming from the street and from the Internet can be shown on panels of various dimensions affixed to public lighting poles and other structures. In fact the flexibility of a wireless system is precisely that it is not bound to a single power source. In addition to information of public interest, these panels can be used as advertising space that can be sold to third parties, giving a faster return on investment.

Territory monitoring to prevent disasters


Promptly report possible danger

The DigitalLightingTM integrated detection system works round the clock, regardless weather conditions, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted detection.

Watercourses and fire hazard areas under control

Information on water levels in rivers (level sensors) and the state of forests (temperature, humidity and intensity of solar radiation) reach the processing system that generates reports on exceeded thresholds, through the DigitalLightingTM network. In addition, the built-in camera allows for the immediate visualization of the critical situation.

Enhance your area


Additional services for tourism

The DigitalLightingTM enables targeted management of lighting, preferred routes, directions on variable message signs and communication with the tourist.

The classic and the technological

The enhancement of Italy’s vast cultural heritage is essential for revitalising tourism, but also for the inhabitants themselves to experience the city. Thanks to DigitalLightingTM, cultural heritage information that can be used by proximity services (Bluetooth) can be put online. In addition, the collection of information on movements and preferences of tourists can be helpful in improving the offer. Surveillance, with cameras, and Wi-Fi connectivity, complete the package of services for safety and entertainment.

Mobility with low environmental impact


For leisure or for work

New services for locating available bikes but also for managing their position (and their recharging) in an integrated and distributed system.

Bike sharing is showing its potential

Bikes in the city are undoubtedly the cheapest, greenest and healthiest means of transport. DigitalLightingTM makes it possible to communicate with the bikes to know their position and status (in the case of electric bikes). The parking areas can be smaller and distributed throughout the town so that it is easier to pick up and return the bikes. Special services, with video and web terminals, indicate the presence and position of available bikes.


Ulysset ONE

smart city device

It is the main product, the one on which you can activate all the functions above described.

    • Outputs: Relè, PWM, 0-10V and DALI
    • Inputs: sensor light and three-axis accelerometer
    • Connectivity: LAN 100Mbps, USB, UMTS/LTE
    • Communication: WIFI mesh 802.11s, 802.11abgn, 10dbm, 150/300Mbps
    • Camera sensor 2592x1944 14fps@5Mpx, with interchangeable lens FOV 70-140°
    • AP WIFI: 802.11bgn 16dbm 150/300Mbps WPA2 or Captive portal
    • Bluetooth: Version 4.0, Class 1
    • Standard: EN 60598-1, EN 55015, EN 61547, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-17
    • Protection degree: IP 65
    • Dimensioni: 200 x 230 x 190 mm, 1.0 Kg
    • Supply: 12-15Vdc, 100-300Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.5-5W, Class II

Ulysset LITE

smart street light controller

Product version with basic functionality, without video surveillance but highly customizable.

    • Outputs: Relè, PWM, 0-10V and DALI
    • Inputs: Light sensor and three-axis accelerometer
    • Communication: WIFI mesh 802.11s, 802.11abgn, 10dbm, 150/300Mbps
    • Doppler effect Radar, FOV at 60m 140°x34°, or 80m 80°x12°
    • AP WIFI: 802.11bgn 16dbm 150/300Mbps WPA2 or Captive portal
    • CO2 Sensor: 0 ÷ 2000 ppm, acc. a 25 °C e 1013 mbar: +/- 50ppm
    • Temperature and relative humidity sensor: 0 ÷ 100 % RH, -40 ÷ + 80 °C
    • Bluetooth: Version 4.0, Class 1
    • Standard: EN 60598-1, EN 55015, EN 61547, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-17
    • Protection degree: IP 65
    • Dimensioni: 100 x 65 x 90 mm, 0.2 Kg
    • supply: 12-15Vdc, 100-300Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.5-5W, Class II

Ulysset CLOUD

smart web portal

The software control system is a WEB Cloud tool able to manage all services using PC, tablet or smartphone.

    • With a single tool you can set the operating parameters of the lighting, access the data collected, monitor consumption and system failures, manage cameras and sensors for surveillance and traffic monitoring, capture and analyse environmental parameters, check hot spots, and programme variable message or advertising signs.
    • Individual lights or groups of lights can be controlled with no limit on quantity and type of grouping. Manual or automatic management, using the astronomical calendar and twilight sensors, and daily on and off scheduling. Lighting management through personalised calendars, with the possibility of configuring lighting profiles for each day of the year. Activation of optimization features through traffic surveillance cameras, radar and other sensors.

DigitalLightingTM products and services are modular, meaning that they can be composed from a basic level to "build" the system to the needs of the client's budget. No software needs to be installed by the customer and therefore no computer needs to be purchased. Even from tablets and smartphones you can analyze and manage data and system configurations accessing the DigitalLightingTM portal.
All cloud services are provided through an annual subscription.

Serie Prodotti

Why DigitalLighting?

  • It is a point-to-point management system for lighting and SmartCity services such as: video surveillance, Wi-Fi hotspots and sensors, all in a single device
  • The economic savings, in addition to those savings achieved with intelligent management, are also due to the lower cost of purchasing a single integrated product
  • The network of street lights is managed by wireless nodes with broadband connection which make it independent from the power supply and distribution panel. The distribution of these devices enables internet coverage that is extended through the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city
  • The high performance cameras (5Mpx with interchangeable lenses) integrated with the node, in addition to video surveillance for increased security, perform real-time analysis of traffic with the aim of dimming the light where no movement is detected
  • The network has no limits in terms of: number of nodes installed, creation of daily lighting profiles and groupings of lighting fixtures. The street lamp operates autonomously, even when there is no connection to the network
  • Providing SaaS (Software as a Service), without the need for installation at the customer’s site, makes the system easy and fast to use via Smartphone, Tablet and PC. A single user interface (GUI) for the integrated management of lighting systems, video surveillance and SmartCity services, provides a greater level of usability
  • The analysis of presences and movements using: cameras, Doppler effect radar, interfaces, Bluetooth and RFID/NFC. The same interfaces also make possible to track people, objects and manages such services as BikeSharing, EasyParking and charging of electric cars and bikes
  • The system has a very high level of expandability and scalability and the return in investment can be very fast, or even exceeded, through the sale of advertising and information services

  • Return on investment (ROI)

  • The rate of return on investment depends on the characteristics of the installation, by the number of light points and the type of light/lamp installed. Experience has shown that by installing a management system, it is possible to save 20% compared to the conventional system, which pays for itself in 3-7 years. The return on investment for a smart DigitalLightingTM management system is reduced to 2-5, but the sale of services, advertising and information in the area, can reduce that time even further, to the point of eliminating operating costs.